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Note: Click photos for larger views (if available). Photos are not in any particular order.

Pencil sketch of the Rist farm house by Adolf Konrad.  This is a scan of a photo-copy of the original sketch (8 1/2" X 11").  The photo-copy is signed by the artist and used with his permission.

Night Flower Series: A Rose for Luigi Rist.  A tribute piece to Luigi Rist by artist James Windram. 

"Although I never met Luigi, I became acquainted with his work (many years ago) at an auction held in Lancaster County, Pa. and through a collector in the region who owned several of his prints (and a set of wood blocks) which I now own. I was very much taken with his botanical work. I was told (by the collector) that Luigi struggled to sell his work while he was living, and then, as is the case many times, after his death his work became much collected. For these reasons I wanted to dedicate one of my own botanical works to him." (taken from an email from James Windram). 

If you are interested in this painting or would look at other art work by the artist, he has a WEB site.


Luigi Rist's paint box in the hands of Adolf Konrad.  Photo by Tom Gilchrist, November 2001.

Photo of Luigi Rist from the collection of Adolf Konrad.
Ida and Luigi Rist.  This was taken at a meeting of the "Associated Artist of New Jersey" at the home of Bill Hughes.  For further information on Bill Hughes and the association, see "Biographical material relating to Louis G. (Luigi) Rist, 1941-1971" by Barbara Whipple Heilman on From the collection of Adolf Konrad.

The farm in Vermont which Ida and Luigi purchased in 1950 in Whitingham.  Luigi spent a lot of time making repairs to the house. From the collection of Grant Heilman.

Whitingham, Vermont farmhouse aerial view.  Photo courtesy of Jonathan Gieseler.


Photos dated May '68 from the auction after Ida's death.  This is the "schoolhouse" in Kirks Mills, PA. which the Ida and Luigi moved to in 1956 when Ida retired.   From the collection of Adolf Konrad.


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